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Complexes and Frustrations exhibition, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland

Opening of the exhibition: 31.01.2014, 7 pm

Exhibition on display until 23.02.2014

Galeria Labirynt,

Lublin, Poland

The exhibition displays the condition of art and contemporary painting. Despite the prognoses heralding its doom, painting remains an utterly vivid medium that is still active in its meaning and enters the dialogue between its history, demolishing the stereotypes. Recognised artists underline various ways of exploiting this particular medium. They emphasise the transgressive dialogue with traditional painting (Juszkiewicz, Zawicki), recession in the world of objects (Toman, Ciężki), longing and resentiment (Karapuda, Bielak, Przybylski), freeing from the limits of form (Korol, Rogalski), drifting in the world of images and texts (Duchowski, Szeszycka).
Curator: Marta Ryczkowska

ARTISTS : Tomasz Bielak, Jakub Ciężki, Maciek Duchowski, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Arek Karapuda, Piotr Korol, Igor Przybylski, Zbigniew Rogalski, Katarzyna Szeszycka, Sławomir Toman, Marcin Zawicki

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