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O WŁOS! at Zamek Culture Centre in Poznan, Poland

21.01. - 1.03. 2015

The exhibition will present works in which hair are the focus of all attention: in painting and drawing or where hair were used as material in video and installations. Hair become a motif which, depending on the context of their use of presentation, „speaks” volumes about identity, social conflicts, history, religious precepts and prohibitions, the status of women, sexuality, sensuality etc.

Curator: Marta Smolińska

Contributing artists: Krystyna Piotrowska, Aleksandra Ska, Servet Kocygit (Turkey), Sara Skaaning (Denmark), Paweł Matyszewski, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Małgorzata Wielek-Mandrela, Ula Kluz-Knopek, Beata Szczepaniak, Zofia Krawiec, Justyna Orłowska, Beata Szczepaniak, Sophia Pompery (Germany).


opening of the exhibition: click here

documentation of the exhibition: click here

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