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Brudna woda / Dirty water, The State Art Gallery in Sopot, Poland

opening: 29.04.2011, 7:30 pm

30.04 - 22.05.2011

Państwowa Galeria Sztuki
Plac Zdrojowy 2
81-720 Sopot

The leitmotif of the exhibition "Dirty Water" is a portrait of a woman, art resulting from introspection, subjective emotions. Strange, waking ambiguous feelings. That causes anxiety. Mysterious, captivating, the magnetic, but also causing a vague feeling of discomfort. The works, which will be shown at the exhibition refer to surrealism, but in a subtle and obvious. They are moving away from realism toward the imagination, dreams, strange ideas. Discreetly teeter on the border between innocence and eroticism, beauty and ugliness. It is an art that causes strong emotions, however difficult and elusive to name. Recalls the mood of magic, strangeness or return to childhood. Strange phenomenon, far from ideal. The mood of a fuzzy dream. Drawing from what, in our deeply hidden and impenetrable.

Artists: Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Bonnie Camplin, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Katharina Marszewski, Michele Di Menna, Magdalena Moskwa, Zosia Nierodzińska, Paulina Ołowska

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